The world famous Orkla river is one of the best places on the planet to come in contact with big Atlantic Salmon. Every year flyfishers from all over the world catch between 15-20 ton and the average weight in the river is between 10-16 pounds. During the month of June the average weight can be as high as 20 pounds. Catch and release rates have gone up the past ten years and in 2019 about 61% of the fish was returned to the river.

Grindal Salmon Lodge is located about 31 miles from the Orkla river estuary and our guests enjoy fishing for Atlantic Salmon on a 3.7 mile stretch of river consisting of 17 different beats. This is one of the largest stretches of private water available in any Norwegian salmon river.

Our guests have access to two of the best holding pools in the river, Igd Pool and Pollen. These pools hold lots of fish throughout the season and in June they are prime locations if you are looking to fight big chromers.

Our beats offer a variety of terrain and qualities but they all have one thing in common, it's fantastic fly water.

Antti Einiö drilling salmon in Skjelsenghølen.

Pelle Klippinge playing a big salmon in Long Pool.

Grindal Salmon Lodge is located by the Orkla river bank and our guests enjoy having most of our beats within walking distance from the lodge. The Home pool itself is a very productive beat and some of the biggest salmon are caught here.

Lodge Manager Krister with a beast from homepool.

Maximum capacity at Grindal Salmon Lodge is 12 rods so you will never feel crowded when you fish with us and there will always be something interesting on your rotation.

Former guide Piet with a big one from Strauman/Mickeys Corner.

The Orkla river valley is beautiful and none of our beats are located by the main road. The pristine nature of the area in a combination with the exclusive fishing are the main reasons we have guests coming back year after year.

Sitat Mattias Helde,

Både jag och Pelle var riktigt nöjda med dessa dagar på Aunan. Fisket, guiderna, maten, boendet, allt var bra! Så vi hoppas vi kommer tillbaka nästa år. Att fiska Orkla vid denna tid är underbart, ljusa nätter, träden är knallgröna, fiskarna är silverblanka och man vet att Norgesäsongen precis har börjat.

Mattias Helde,

If you have any questions about what Grindal Salmon Lodge can offer don't hesitate to reach out to lodge manager Krister Hoel.