Dear friends of Grindal Salmon Lodge,

We are two weeks into the season and we have had a great opening!

As we suspected our pools held plenty of fish when the opening bell rang on June 01th and the first salmon landed this season was a stellar chromer from Pollen, weighing in at 8kg. The biggest fish so far was landed downstream of Igd Pool after an 45 minutes intense fight. Our guest Skjalg  was alone but still managed to land and release a 14 kg salmon and shoot some video of the battle on his phone!

The river is quite low for early June but there is still snow in the mountains and this will ensure a steady flow of water the next month. We have caught fish on our upper stretches already but we are now looking forward to welcoming the bigger schools of two season salmon that are entering the Orkla as we speak.

As normal here during summer the weather has been all over the place. First week was freezing, the second week was tropical. Our river valley is now in full summer mode with vibrant colors and brimming with life. We have gotten to use our outdoor dining area quite a lot the past week and guests love to relax in the shade there with a drink after a hard day of work in the river.

Vacancy this summer is rapidly shrinking and the only openings now in June and July is:

3 rods from Sunday 16 July - Wednesday 19 July.

4 rods from Sunday 23 July - Wednesday 26 July.

Please contact me by email or phone if you are interested

Tight Lines from Lodge Manager Krister Hoel