A good season opening!

Our first season is underway and it has been demanding, fun and not least educational. We have had a lot of contact with fish and we have landed several of them. We have an average weight of about 10kg/22pound distributed over 13 salmon, which is good numbers up here with us this early in the season.

Our first salmon at Grindal Salmon Lodge was taken by Solveig Flotthagen already the first day in Pollen, and it was a very nice experience as this was also her first salmon after many hours in the river. Well deserved and we are very proud of the fact that our first salmon as Grindal Salmon Lodge was caught by a local girl.

Due to high water temperatures and unusually low water levels for June the salmon is spread all across the river and all our beats hold fish. We have lost fish in Litjmoen (bottom pool) and in Frona (second top pool).

Our biggest challenge during this first period has been Covid (as everyone else) and a lot of our foreign guests have not been able to make the trip. But we have got a number of Norwegians instead who have had the opportunity to fish Grindal's pools.

What has been really fun is that some of them have set personal records and had the experience of a lifetime. Something we have greatly appreciated sharing with them.

Now we look forward to the rest of the season! It looks like our foreign friends are coming in soon and we have lots of new Norwegian guests. And we see there are small salmon, midsize salmon and big salmon on their way in from the sea, that we all get a chance to fish on.

And more memories will be made here at the lodge and along the entire Orkla

Skitt fiske / Tight lines